What is Zendura flex clear aligner material?

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                      Berkshire Clear Align uses Zendura Flex. Why?

Zendura FLX is a premium aligner material engineered specially for fabricating best-in-class aligners. A very flexible yet highly elastic and crack resistant material, FLX is now widely regarded as by far the very best material for aligners. What separates Zendura from the other materials available?

Comfortable to wear doing tooth movement stages

Easy to insert and remove

Visual clarity and Stain resistance. Transparent throughout course of use.

Firm but gentle movement force over 7–14-day wear period.

Excellent durability and crack resistance

Zendura FLX combines an elastomeric inner core to provide flexibility and elasticity with a hard outer shell to increase elasticity and firmly grip the teeth. The tough outer shell precisely hugs the teeth and provides a tough barrier to protect against grinding. The inner core’s ability to provide exceptional elastic rebound is the real magic of Zendura FLX. The elastomeric middle layer combines with the hard outer shell to deliver the ability to rebound and recover from mechanical deformation, delivering up to 150%-plus better teeth movement force than competing materials over a 7-10 day wear period.

ALL thermoformed aligner materials will enter the mouth with a higher force placed on teeth, then decline in force over time. This accounts for the greater tightness when the aligner is first inserted but which will decline in as little as one to two days. Zendura FLX exerts 40% lower insertion force than other aligner materials and delivers significantly better patient comfort throughout the entire treatment stage. In many cases this better patient comfort combined with Zendura FLX’s 150%-plus better tooth movement force results in much shorter treatment times.