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Finally a straight tooth solution that is  Affordable, Convenient, Fast, and Comfortable Photo

Exclusively at Berkshire Integrative Orthodontics

Finally a straight tooth solution that is  Affordable, Convenient, Fast, and Comfortable Photo

William O'Donnell DMD PC

If your smile needs minor adjustment, Berkshire Clear Align could be the perfect solution for you!

The Choice is Clear....Crystal Clear Aligner Photo
  • Affordable

    • More than 50% less than the leading aligner company
    • Even less than the Do-It-Yourself in Your Kitchen company fees
    • As low as $1495 - $1895 for minor correction

  • Comfortable

    • All our aligners are made from Zendura FLX, recognized in the industry as the optimal material for comfort and fit.

  • Fast

    • Many problems are resolved in as little as 12 weeks
    • More involved corrections may take 6 months

  • Convenient

    • No taking your own messy impressions in your kitchen
    • No waiting weeks and weeks for an "Orthodontist" or technician to review your case, create a treatment plan, and then fabricate your aligners.
    • Your digital impression can be taken immediately and used to determine your treatment plan and to create your first 3 aligners in 2 days. When you are given your first 3 aligners, you can see your personal treatment video which shows the movement that is anticipated with each aligner - and the final result as well.

  • Esthetic

    • Besides being the most efficient aligner material on the market, Zendura FLX is the clearest and most stain resistant.

  • Remote Monitoring

    • If you have an immediate question, just give us a call at 413-443-0703. If you have a concern about tooth movement, we offer televisits through SmileSnap on our website. With this free app, you can take tooth selfies and send them to us.

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Compare Treatment Components

 Berkshire Clear AlignLeading AlignersAt-Home DIY Aligners
In Person Orthodontist Consultation
3D Digital Impressions vs. Clay/Alginate
Orthodontist Determines DiagnosisPartly
Full Diagnostic Records TakenNot Sure
Orthodontist Determines Treatment Plan
Orthodontist Presents Treatment Plan
In House Fabrication of Appliances
Delivery Time of Appliances2-7 days3-4 weeks4-6 weeks
Orthodontist Delivers Aligners In Person
Refinement/Update ScansFee Charged
Remote Monitoring
Hybrid Treatment (Braces & Aligners)
Final RetainerIncludedFee Charged

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