Orthodontic Retainers in Pittsfield


Congratulations! You have finished your orthodontic treatment. Dr. O'Donnell wants you to maintain your healthy beautiful smile and wearing your retainers as instructed is the best way to do this. Once we remove your braces, we will move into the retention stage of your treatment. Maintaining the results you achieved during the treatment phase is key to the success of the entire orthodontic process. Your retention phase will last for a minimum of 24 months. Your final orthodontic result depends on your retainers, so follow through with the hard work you've put in so far.


  • Your invisible retainers are made of a thin plastic material that covers the teeth.

  • Wear the retainers 8 hours (generally sleeping hours) unless otherwise instructed by the doctor. You will be seen at 3 months for first evaluation, then six months later, then 12 months from that date.

  • Take your retainer(s) out to eat and to brush your teeth.

  • Clean the retainers with a little toothpaste and water or if needed soak in Retainer Brite, which we give you at time of retainer delivery. You can use a Q-tip applicator or a toothbrush and toothpaste.


  • Do NOT put the retainers in hot or boiling water, the dishwasher or expose to heat. High temperatures will distort the retainer(s) and then they will no longer fit your teeth leading your teeth to shift and misalign.

  • Handle the retainer(s) with care; whenever the retainers are not in your mouth please place it in the case provided. NEVER WRAP THE RETAINERS IN A NAPKIN OR A TISSUE OR PLACE IT IN YOUR POCKET. This is a common way to lose or break the retainers.

  • Keep the retainer(s) AWAY FROM PETS. They like to chew on the retainers and this can lead to damage of the retainer(s).

  • If your retainer(s) split, crack, break or becomes lost, please contact the office as soon as possibleIf you do not wear your retainer(s) for just a few days, your teeth can shift quickly. This can result in the need to remake the retainers or even going back into orthodontic treatment. There will be extra charges if re-treatment or remaking of retainers is needed.

  • If you grind or clench your teeth, your retainers may get wear marks or small holes in the retainers; call the office if this occurs. Call for an appointment to have the retainer(s) evaluated.