In light of concerns surrounding coronavirus and in response to guidance given by Massachusetts Dental Society, the American Dental Association, the Center for Disease Control, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health we have developed the following protocols to address those concerns.



    There are four operatories in our treatment area that are spaced at 7’ intervals with 5’ partitions between rooms. In addition, there are six private treatment rooms. That treatment area is allocated for one patient for 30 minute time period and is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected before the next patient is seated. All surfaces in the appointment room, including the dental chair, dental light, and all drawers and countertops have been decontaminated. We also cover these areas with special covers or protective barriers that are replaced with each new patient. In addition, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings these areas are given a professional cleaning and disinfection.


    We have expanded our hours to allow for fewer patients in larger time blocks to facilitate mandated social distancing. We hope to accommodate all our patients in a timely manner. Please be considerate of other patients by being on time. We will do our best to do the same.

    In light of elapsed time since last visit, the next visit will be for a routine adjustment and a status assessment. Depending on our findings at that visit, an appropriate appointment will be scheduled at that time.

    • Before entering the treatment area we will be monitoring temperatures with a touchless forehead infrared scan and confirming pre-appointment precautions noted below.
    • We would like at most one parent and no siblings to accompany child. If your child is sufficiently mature to come from the car into the office, you may communicate with staff from your car to make the next appointment.
    • We are advising patients to brush their teeth before their appointment. This will minimize use of bathrooms for this purpose.
    • In order to facilitate social distancing we are asking patients to enter through the front of the building and exit from the rear through the game room.
    • Due to Social distancing concerns, play on games in game room will not be permitted at this time.

    If you are concerned with sharing the reception area amongst other patients, please inform our staff and you can remain in your car until your treatment room is ready, at which point we will text/call you to come in.


    Some appointments will require more time and demand extra considerations. This is particularly true of any procedure that requires us to use a hand piece (drill). Repairs and braces removal are the most notable instances. It is therefore extremely important patients be extra vigilant and compliant. Repairs will require more time and at least two visits. One appointment to assess treatment/breakage and an additional appointment to repair.

    Many repair procedures have aerosol considerations so they will have to be scheduled at a time these concerns can be addressed. We would strongly advise closely monitoring what your child is eating. We do not want to lose time needlessly.


    In spite of this lapse, we should still be reasonably close to our original projected treatment time. We are fortunate to be using the most technologically advanced orthodontic appliance that is available. It is designed to be effective over a 12 week period. We see patients at 6 week intervals mainly to evaluate hygiene, change colors (tighten), and check integrity of the appliances (breakage). We have had patients leave our care for as much as 6 months and still finish on time. The key is to have good oral hygiene and do not have breakage. So, the secret is to brush well and be careful what you eat.


    The safety of our patients, their families and our employees is our top priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your family are being protected from all pathogen transmission, including COVID-19. In order to protect our patients and staff, we ask that in the past 15 days if you or your child have

    1. Had a cough?
    2. Had a fever?
    3. Traveled outside the country?
    4. Had difficulty breathing?
    5. Had a sore throat?
    6. Had body aches?
    7. Been part of a large group gathering?

We would appreciate that you reschedule your appointment.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time.