Crowded and misaligned teeth do not necessarily happen by chance and current evidence suggests many orthodontic problems are the result of incorrect jaw development which can be detected at an early age. Habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect lip and tongue function (known as poor myofunctional habits) are a major cause of poor jaw development and tooth alignment issues. A young child that mouth breathes or swallows improperly will not develop their jaws and face correctly. Mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing restrict natural jaw growth so the permanent teeth will not have enough space to move into their correct position. The result is a narrow upper jaw and restricted lower jaw growth affecting the development of the face.

Myofunctional Habits

  • Breathing

    When a child breathes through the mouth, the jaws become narrow and develop downwards rather than forwards. This means there is not enough room for the teeth and the face can become narrow.

  • Tongue Position

    The tongue resting position determines the shape and size of the upper jaw and should always rest in the roof of the mouth, unless eating or speaking. If the child habitually has a low tongue position, the upper teeth will not have enough space and the lower jaw is forced back and down.

  • Swallowing

    An incorrect (reverse) swallowing pattern takes place when the tongue pushes forward and the lips push back. This habit restricts forward growth of the jaws, preventing the face from developing to its genetic potential.

  • Lip Function

    Poor muscle tone or incorrect control of the lip and cheek muscles can make it difficult for the child to seal their lips and increase over-activity when swallowing. These incorrect lip habits cause the lower teeth to be crowded and restrict correct forward jaw growth.

What is the Myobrace System?

Myobrace® consists of intraoral appliances that are worn for 1-2 hours every day and also overnight while sleeping. In addition to wearing the Myobrace® daily, each patient will perform myofunctional exercises for 2-4 minutes every day. These exercises are explained in a series of interactive videos and in a Myobrace® Activities workbook that is provided by our office. In order to achieve the most effective results, ,the Myobrace® System requires maximum compliance and maximum effort. Unfortunately, poor compliance severely limits or eliminates results. By addressing the underlying airway issues and any myofunctional dysfunction, Myobrace® can unlocks your child’s potential for natural growth and overall development.


What Does It Do?

  • Corrects Poor Oral Habits
  • Develops & Aligns the Jaws
  • Strengthens the Teeth
  • Optimizes Facial Development
  • Improves Overall Health
  • Promotes Healthy Eating Habits

How Does It Work? By Helping To:

  • Breathe Through the Nose
  • Correct Tongue Resting Position
  • Swallow Correctly
  • Keeps the Lips Together

Myobrace® Rewards Program

Compliance and Consistency are the Key to Successful Myobrace® Treatment!