What Is MyoBrace & What Does It Do?

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Technology is always advancing and new ways of doing things – including straightening teeth – can be quite beneficial. In this instance, we are referring to the Myobrace® system.

Orthodontists have always emphasized the importance of early orthodontic treatment – and Myobrace® just makes that early treatment even more effective. So much so that it may reduce the need for braces entirely. Let’s take a look at what this system is and what it can do. 

Myobrace®: What is it?

Myobrace® is a pre-orthodontic treatment that helps address jaw development at an early age. Researchers are discovering that squished, crooked teeth may not necessarily be the result of chance, but rather incorrect jaw development. 

By seeking treatment early – and with an effective solution like Myobrace® – issues can be detected and treated before the jaw is fully developed. 

Oral Myofunctional Habits

There are certain things that dentists and orthodontists look for that may indicate the Myobrace® system could be an effective early treatment. Similar to the name, certain myofunctional habits can be detrimental to oral health. These include breathing habits, tongue positions, swallowing, thumb sucking, and lip function. 

Mouth breathing can lead to a narrow jaw that develops improperly. The face will be narrow, reducing the space for teeth. 

Tongue position is important as it should always be against the roof of the mouth when in rest position. However, for children who hold their tongue in a low position, it forces the jaw to remain low – potentially leading to issues with the top teeth. 

Swallowing is another concern when it comes to jaw function. Children who push their tongues forward while pulling their lips back can restrict the forward growth of their jaws. This can cause issues for facial development. 

Without addressing myofunctional habits, you are allowing growth and development to continue while leaving an impact on your child’s oral health. With Myobrace®, you can begin to change these habits and encourage the healthy formation of the jaw and facial structure. 

What Myobrace® Can Do

Myobrace® works in just 1 to 2 hours each day – and while sleeping through the night. It is an intraoral appliance that will help the child breathe through his or her nose, correct tongue positioning, swallow properly, and keep lips together. 

Along with the device, a couple of minutes of myofunctional exercises will be performed each day. 

If the Myobrace® system is used in the manner intended, your child will see incredible results. This pre-orthodontic treatment may lead to no need for additional treatment, such as braces. However, without fully following the system, the results will be greatly reduced. 

The Myobrace® system’s full potential can bring your child:

  • Great oral habits
  • An aligned and developed jaw 
  • Strong teeth
  • Optimized facial development
  • Improved overall health
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Greater quality of life

Again, this system is very effective, but your child will only get out of what he or she puts into it. So you will want to follow your orthodontist’s instructions every day. 

Learn More About the Myobrace® System

At Berkshire Integrative Orthodontics, we use state-of-the-art treatments to give your child the best possible results. And this includes solutions like the Myobrace® system. Working together,  we can help align teeth while addressing myofunctional habits so that proper growth and development are achieved.  

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