The Pros and Cons of MyoBraces

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Incorrect jaw development is believed to cause many common orthodontic issues. A child who breathes through the mouth or has tongue thrust that interferes with the ability to swallow property is likely to have compromised jaw growth, which limits the amount of space for the permanent teeth. Correcting improper myofunctional habits with an appliance called MyoBrace can improve jaw growth and help your child avoid crowding and other orthodontic issues. Below, we discuss the pros and cons of MyoBrace.

What Are Myofunctional Habits?

Before we discuss MyoBrace, it’s important to understand what we mean by myofunctional habits. These habits include:

Breathing – Proper breathing is through the nose. When a child breathes through the mouth instead, the jaws narrow and develop in a downward direction. The result is a long, narrow face and a jaw that has inadequate room for the teeth.

Tongue position – The tongue should always rest inside the roof of the mouth. When children rest their tongue in the bottom of the mouth instead, the upper teeth become crowded and the lower jaw is forced back and down.

Swallowing – Children with tongue thrust swallow by pushing the tongue forward and pulling the lips back. This is another habit that restricts forward growth of the jaws.

Lip function – A child’s lips should close comfortably over their teeth, but poor muscle tone or incorrect lip or cheek muscle control can make it hard to seal the lips. 

What Is MyoBrace?

MyoBrace is a system of custom-made intraoral appliances that are worn for an hour or two each day, and also overnight. With MyoBrace and specific myofunctional exercises, your child can correct poor oral habits, improve jaw and facial development, ensure proper jaw alignment, and even improve their overall health.

Pros and Cons of MyoBrace

There are a number of advantages of MyoBrace, and also a few disadvantages to consider.

Pros of MyoBrace

Here’s why so many of our patients are using MyoBrace:

  • Promotes breathing through the nose
  • Corrects the tongue resting position, bringing it to the roof of the mouth
  • Improves swallowing patterns
  • Helps keep the lips together
  • May reduce or even eliminate the amount of time needed for traditional orthodontics
  • Doesn’t need to be worn to school and doesn’t interfere with eating or oral hygiene habits
  • More comfortable than many other orthodontic treatment options
  • Affordable

Cons of MyoBrace

The potential downsides of MyoBrace include:

  • Only works in conjunction with exercises, so compliance is necessary for results
  • Some children may not like sleeping while wearing their MyoBrace
  • Most effective in children, although adults can also see improvements with the system

Because most parents want to start with the least invasive treatment option for their children, MyoBrace has become increasingly popular. We know that treating improper myofunctional habits as early as possible yields the best results!

Learn More About MyoBrace

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