How MyoBrace Activities Help to Enhance Your Treatment

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If you’ve chosen Berkshire Integrative Orthodontics for your child’s orthodontic care, you’re likely well aware of our holistic approach to orthodontics. We believe there is a clear connection between your child’s jaw development and their facial appearance, dental health, and overall wellness. MyoBrace is an integrative orthodontic solution that bridges the gap between traditional orthodontics and airway orthodontics. With MyoBrace, your child will optimize the results of their orthodontic treatment and retrain their habits to ensure that these results last a lifetime.

More About MyoBrace

Misaligned teeth do not occur in isolation—evidence is mounting that misalignments are caused by incorrect jaw development, which is often the result of poor myofunctional habits. When we identify and treat these habits at a young age, we can either prevent incorrect jaw development or correct it in conjunction with interceptive orthodontic treatment.

MyoBrace is a system that consists of intraoral appliances that are worn overnight and for an additional one to two hours each day. Your child will also be given specific myofunctional exercises to perform every day. These exercises require a minimal time commitment (most can be completed in two to four minutes), and they are explained in a series of interactive videos and your child’s MyoBrace Activities workbook. 

Unlike orthodontic appliances that are bonded to your child’s teeth, MyoBrace appliances only work when your child wears them and performs the exercises they are given. With maximum compliance, patients will get optimal results, but poor compliance with the system can have a negative impact on the results your child is able to achieve. 

What Are Myofunctional Habits?

There are a number of myofunctional habits that influence jaw development. These include:


One of the biggest predictors of incorrect jaw development is mouth breathing. Children who breathe through their mouths instead of their noses have a narrowed facial appearance, as their jaws develop downward rather than forward. Narrow jaws mean there isn’t enough room for the teeth to erupt. A traditional orthodontist may remedy this by extracting healthy adult teeth, which has the potential to cause a number of complications.

Tongue Position

The tongue should always rest on the roof of the mouth. Children who rest their tongues in the bottoms of their mouths instead are likely to have a small, narrow upper jaw and a lower jaw that is forced back and down.


Children with the previous two issues often have an incorrect swallowing pattern as well. This occurs when the tongue pushes forward and the lips push back in order to swallow, and it restricts forward growth of the jaws.

Lip Function

Children with poor muscle tone or improper control of the lip and cheek muscles may have trouble sealing their lips and over-activity when swallowing. This can lead to crowding in the lower teeth and restricted forward growth in the jaw.

MyoBrace Results

When a child complies with the MyoBrace system, they’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Improved breathing through the nose
  • Proper tongue resting position
  • Correct swallowing pattern
  • The ability to comfortably keep lips together

With these habits corrected, your child will have improved jaw development, optimal facial development, stronger teeth, and better overall health.

Learn More About MyoBrace

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